Laos Luxury Travel Tours Holidays

Laos Luxury Travel Tours Holidays in a destination that has been less traveled and relatively undiscovered, Laos is full of stunning scenery, laid-back and welcoming locals, fantastic foods and stunning sights to visit. Laos is truly an unspoiled gem in the heart of the Indochina which has an extensive and intriguing royal history, colonization and a struggle for independence. During your Laos luxury travel enjoy views of a jaw-dropping pagodas and temples, that are a unique mixture of French colonial and traditional architecture. Laos is a destination with no beach instead traveler can enjoy staying in mesmerizing 4000 island in southern Laos. Must of our tours are covered to visit main and must visited destinations such as Luang Prabang, Pakse, Vang Vieng and Vientiane. In addition, we offer unique and multi destination packages that includes Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, make sure to check → Indochina tour packages

Featured Laos Luxury Travel Tours Holidays

Luang Prabang Vientiane Champasak Tour

Get amazed and experience best of Laos from Luang Prabang to Champasak & Don Khone
   8  Days

Discover Laos Signature Holiday

Experience a Signature vacation from Thai border to Pakse in southern Laos with lots of activites
   12  Days

Cambodia and Laos Adventure Holiday

A family holiday visiting highlights of Cambodia including Angkor Wat with Must see places in Laos
   13  Days

Best of Vietnam and Luang Prabang Tour

A journey of discovery reveling best of Vientam including Halong Bay plus Luang Prabang, Laos
   11  Days

Grand Indochina Luxury Travel

A 2017 grand Indochina discovery visiting treasures, cultures & scenic beauties
   20  Days

National Geographic Journeys

Explore the great South East of Asia through the selected itinerary voted by National Geographic
   14  Days

Hanoi & Halong Bay with Luang Prabang Tour

A journey of discovery revealing adventure & beauty along with secrets of UNESCO town
   7  Days

Before you travel to Laos

An introduction to Laos

Laos provides the traveler a chance to truly experience Asia as it once was. Largely undeveloped, devotedly Buddhist and blessed geographically with natural beauty, this country will forever leave a lasting impression on all travelers.

What to experience when traveling in Laos

Vientiane, capital city of Laos

Weaving along the Mekong River, Vientiane, the capital of Laos, emits an atmosphere of timelessness. Vientiane, which translates as Sandalwood City, is a city of villas and boulevards. It is one of three classic Indochinese cities (including Saigon and Phnom Penh) that most strongly conjure up images of exotic Eurasian settings. Although Vientiane is the largest city in the country, it is still small enough to get to know easily. The tree-lined boulevards and old temples impart an old world charm in spite of passing traffic. This laid back town possesses a charisma that no one can resist.

Luang Prabang, UNESCO heritage town

Set amidst a striking mountainous skyline, Luang Prabang is a beautiful town retaining its original enchanting character. This UNESCO listed city is 397 km from Vientiane, is the crown jewel of Laos and royal residence of the last king Sisavan Vatthana. Luang Prabang is perhaps the best preserved traditional city in South East Asia. It is a sleepy town which has preserved its long-standing reputation as a stronghold of Lao culture set amongst splendid natural scenery. Magical and charming, Luang Prabang is one city that every traveler has to see in his lifetime.

Vang Vieng

Set amongst a backdrop of mountains and the tranquil Nam Song River, this breath-taking scenery captures the hearts of all who encounter the natural beauty of this town.

Getting a visa to visit Laos

Laos issue a 30 day tourist visa for almost all European, American, Canadian, Australian many more nationalities. Traveler could also refer to Lao embassies and consulate and get their visa before traveling to Laos. At this time, a visa on arrival service is available. Please bring along 2 passport sized photos. The cost locally is roughly $25 USD. Please be sure to double check this with our staff before travel, or consult the Laos embassy, to ensure regulations have not changed.

Passport requirements

A passport that is valid for at least one month after the end of your trip is required for both U.S. and Canadian citizens to enter and depart the country. Please ensure that the name on your passport matches all travel documents we have issued. If this is not the case, please contact us immediately.

Please make a photocopy of your passport’s identification page and keep it separate from your original. It’s also a good idea to leave a digital copy with someone at home. This may speed up the replacement process should you lose your passport.

Insurance recommendations for your holiday in Laos

Cancelation and Medical Insurance is highly recommended as it can safeguard against the expenses associated with in-country medical emergencies, lost or delayed baggage and emergency cancelation or interruption of your trip. Please ensure your policy will provide you with upfront medical coverage so that you are not responsible for a hefty doctor’s bill while away.

Vaccination requirements for your laos trip

No vaccinations are required to enter Laos. It is advised to consult a travel doctor 8 weeks before departure in regards to the recommended vaccinations below. Some vaccines require more than one dose or a major length of time to be effective. Suggested routine vaccinations include:

  • Diphtheria
  • Hepatitis A & B
  • Malaria
  • Rabies
  • Tetanus
  • Typhoid
  • Japanese Encephalitis

If there are any medical items essential to your health, such as prescription drugs or corrective eye wear, bring duplicates and divide them between your checked bags and hand luggage. While non-prescription drugs such as aspirin are generally available, it is difficult to replace prescription items.

Other recommended Items:

  • Sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher), after-sun lotion, lip balm, sunglasses
  • Insect repellent with a high concentration of DEET (at least 30 percent)
  • Basic medicine kit (painkillers, band-aids, antiseptic cream, etc.)
  • Digestive aids such as Imodium, Pepto-Bismol. Also, re-hydration salts and anti-diarrhea preparations.
  • Hydrocortisone tablets or cream for allergic skin reactions and bites
  • Anti-nausea tablets if you suffer from motion sickness

DiphtheriaHepatitis A & BMalariaRabiesTetanusTyphoidJapanese Encephalitis

Weather, seasons & climate of Laos

Laos’s weather ranges from tropical to sub-tropical, and temperatures vary accordingly between north and south as well as from season to season. The best time to travel is from November to February/March when the weather is dry and warm without being too hot. It can however get quite chilly in the north of the country during these months.   From March, the temperature starts to warm up significantly, peaking in April/May, just before the rains come to signal the beginning of the humid wet season which runs until mid-October. Slightly lower rainfall occurs in the north of the country and as a result, Vientiane tends to be wetter than Luang Prabang.

Clothing & essential items to pack when traveling in Laos

Loose, natural fabrics all year are recommended (keep in mind that temperatures can soar during the hot season), but warmer clothing is required in the highlands and in the winter in Laos. Rain coat is essential during the wet season. As a rule shoulders and knees should be covered when entering religious sites.

Tips for photographers

Video camera, camera with zoom lens in a dust-resistant case, sufficient memory cards, a spare camera battery and charger. Photography is not allowed in certain religious buildings, especially temples. So be sure to ask permission before you take a photo.

Currency in Laos

The national currency is the kip (LAK), which is difficult to find or exchange outside Laos; change money on arrival and try to get rid of any leftovers before leaving the country. The kip comes in denominations of 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, and 50,000 notes

Quick facts for a vacation in Laos

  • Capital: Vientiane
  • Language: Lao, French, and English
  • Currency: Kip (LAK)
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Time Zone: UTC +7
  • Electricity: 220V AC
  • Telephone: Country code for calling is +856
  • Calling North America: Dial 001 plus area code and your 7-digit number
  • Emergency numbers in Laos: Police 191, Hospital/Paramedics 190