You might heard about the Vietnam war, the Viet congs back to the American war time and or you are a traveler and Vietnam is now on your bucket list to visit it. This is a country of unique culture, tradition and more than every other things a destination you will love it. I got a month for traveling and booked myself a luxury holidays Vietnam and head to visit how unique and interesting is Vietnam, land of the blue dragon which i call it land of the motorbikes as you see thousands of them flooding the streets at any time. Here is my → 10 reasons why you should visit Vietnam right now

10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Vietnam in 2017

1. The weather in Vietnam is perfect

If you live in snow weather, come to Vietnam to experience a perfect weather year round, it might be a bit chilling and cold in Hanoi and northern area such as Sapa in winter time but the rest of the country is always sunny, you know Vietnam is a tropical land, dry season could be the best time to travel to Vietnam. Learn more about → best time to visit Vietnam

the weather in vietnam is perfect

2. You will have the Halong Bay Cruise to discover

One of the best and most scenic Bays in the world, seriously, Halong Bay is considered as the new wonder of the world and cruising is the best way to discover it, opt for a cruise that allow you for kayaking, visiting the floating villages and more to allow you to do squid fishing.

discover halong bay

3. There’s anything for all Traveling style

From my point of view and no matter what is your traveling style, you will have anything from nature reserves to the food and experiencing weird things to ancient and history exploration. Sapa, is a region in northern Vietnam with border to China, this is my favorite destination in Vietnam, the reason is the far i went the more i experience the unique and authentic ethnic culture of Vietnam, Hue and Hoi An were the unique places for me to see more of history of Vietnam. oh, i forgot, Ho Chi Minh City is the hustle and bustle of Vietnam, i called it NY city of east so far.

traveling style vietnam

4. Vietnamese are very welcoming

Vietnam is a touristic destination, however, locals are very warm heart with a good smile on their face all the time, the younger students are very keen to stop foreigner to practice English with, they are very curious about west (though im not from the west) and other cultures, asking me a lot of questions about my foods, culture, difference between Vietnam and my country and one great thing, they love to take selfies. A great place to chill out with local would be Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem lake where there are a lot of tourists strolling around.

smiles of vietnam

5. Vietnam is a connecting destination to Indochina

If you travel style is to spend more time in destination you travel to, then, Vietnam and perhaps Indochina (Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar as well as Thailand) is your place to be, there are a lot of travelers who are traveling not only to Vietnam but to its neighboring countries, the reason is because you can cross the borders via bus (if you have more time like me), flights are pretty reasonable as i got a flight from Hanoi to Bangkok with only $ 90. → Indochina tour packages

vietnam indochina destinations

6. Vietnamese food …

Without doubt, Vietnamese foods are part of anyone’s journey, you can eat cheap and delicious and oh yea the mouth watering cuisine almost at any corner, try street food tours in both Hanoi and the ho Chi Minh City and examine the differences, Vietnamese foods are different as you travel a cross the land.

vietnamese foods

7. Travel luxury with a great value in Vietnam

Luxury has its own way of expectation and as everything comes in an affordable price however, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are the biggest and must visited destinations in Vietnam so you may find a bit of pricy kind of things everywhere, trust on your bargain specially when you do shopping. There are a variety of golf resorts everywhere in the country, luxury holiday hotels and beyond all, a cost effective way of traveling lux in Vientam for anyone.

travel luxury with great value in vietnam

8. Nha Trang is the true beach paradise in Vietnam

As beach lovers, scuba and snorkeling enthusiast will find here a great destination to spend a few days relaxing for a true vacation, there are a wide range of luxury resorts and vacation deals in Nha Trang as well. don’t miss it out…

nha trang beach destination

9. Vietnam is a safe destination for women traveler

As being a single female tourist to discover the different places even the village area you will be absolutely in a safe hand, the great beach destination in Vietnam are Nha Trang, Da Nang, Mui Ne and phi Quoc island.

vietnam for woman traveler

10. Vietnam is a vacation destination for all

A vacation that leaves you feeling great as Vietnam is not just about beaches, history and or ever smiling locals, this is a destination that you will fall in love with all the unique things you see everyday just at every corner you are passing by.

Southeast of Asia and particularly Vietnam is a destination to be, experience a uniqueness, culture, foods, luxurious and more than that a vacation of lifetime with a → Vietnam luxury tour packages

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