A trip to a Southeast Asian Country would not be the same if you don’t “taste” the local lifestyle and “touch” the Asian soul. We – Southeast Asia Travelling experts has listed top favorites of experiences that most visitors said they could not miss in their trips to Vietnam. Choosing Vietnam as your destination means that you are offering yourself with a range of unforgettable activities and experiences in local styles.

# 1 Sitting in a “Xich Lo” to discover the Old Quarters off Hanoi

You have heard about Xich Lo before. Yes, we know that. You have seen its images before.We know that as well. But it doesn’t mean that you really “know” Xich Lo (Vietnamese version of rickshaw). Not until you sit in one, do you understand it is an interesting feeling. Slowly moving, slowly feeling. It is the best way to watch the ancient architecture of Hanoi and its street life. Your recommended Vietnam holidays are here!

Sitting in a “Xich Lo” to discover the Old Quarters off Hanoi

# 2 Savor the Street Foods

“I never try street food. Because of its lack of hygiene.” You think so? I’m sure that you will regret this. Not only is street food very delicious, but also it conveys Vietnamese delicate culture and lifestyle. Everything can be sold on the streets. Everyone can stop for street food. It’s ancient culture of cuisine that makes Vietnam so unique.

eating street foods in Vietnam

# 3 Opt for an overnight Cruise in Halong Bay, enjoy stunning scenery and fresh seafood

Halong Bay is impressive, an oasis of calm after the hubbub of a big city, with huge limestone rocks and islands rising out of the turquoise water. Now, your mind totally belongs to incredible natural beauty. Getting up, looking through the window of the cruise, you realize you are among magical scenery, I’m sure that never in your life you feel such kind of pure relaxation. Make sure to check Halong Bay overnight cruise first

# 4 Leaving candle lights at Full Moon Festival in Hoi An

If the experiences in Hanoi let you discover the busy Asian street life, Hoi An brings a quiet pause for your soul. Joining Hoi An at Full Moon Festival with no electricity, just hundreds of sparkling colourful lanterns is an unique experience, especially when you leave a candle light as local manner on your own. It is said to convey your wishes and help realize them. Plan your stay with Hoi An Tourist Attractions5 Incredible Experiences in Vietnam

# 5 Join local cooking class

Why not to include in your holiday a chance to learn how to prepare your own delicious Vietnamese cuisine. Nothing is more ideal than knowing how to cook your favorite Vietnamese dishes when you return home. A cookery class will train even the clumsiest of hands or reveal incredible recipes. Visit our recommend Vietnam culinary vacation

Everybody has the chance to discover and enjoy local nature and culture in different ways. However, there are some outstanding points that better you plan to visit and experience them. Open your little travel notebook, note down these 5 incredible experiences and or you will regret!