Traveling to Laos and wondering what should not be missed and what places are worth to visit? Well, Laos is a destination that is nestled in between Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand as well as China. This landlocked country offers a laid back experience for anyone with different traveling style. One can come and enjoy the fascinating view over the delta of Mekong, others can explore the remote area in northern Laos and basically this Buddhist heritage country will impress you through its simple but interesting sites, history, food culture and the local lifestyle. No matter how long you spend to visit Laos, there are a lot to discover, however, here I bring you with my own experience with 5 top places to visit when in Laos.

1. Luang Prabang

Amazing, interesting and culturally preserved, Luang Prabang is long listed as a UNESCO heritage town and for many this is the most beautiful city in Indochina while without doubt, it’s a jewel crown of Laos. The historic town is set amidst a striking mountainous skyline. The town retains its original enchanting character and is perhaps the best-preserved traditional city in south east of Asia. There are luxury hotels to stay, different local foods to taste and a different options for day tours.


2. Vientiane

The laid back capital city of Laos and the largest city of the country is still small enough to get to know easily. The tree lined boulevards and old temples impart old worlds of charm in spite of passing traffic. Vientiane is an arrival hub for many since there is enough places to get a glimpse into Laos culture and tradition. Do not forget to stroll around he bank side of the Mekong and or enjoy the French style cafes during the sunset over a cold beer lao.

3. Vang Vieng

Many explorers described Vang Vieng and compared it with Guilin in China, with similar limestone mountainous landscape, this relatively small town located in between Vientiane and Luang Prabang and is fast becoming a destination for mainstream traveller who is looking for something more than adventure.

4. Plain of jars

This stone made unusually shaped jars are located near the Phonsavan in central Laos, the archaeological site is known for its strange stone made jars which dating back to at least 1000 of years, historian suggest different theory of how this jars were used, however, local believes that giants were used them to store the rice wine while others suggest they were used to store the rain water for the travelers, whatever your guide tell you, you might be shocked if you stop to visit this place.

5. Nong Khiaw

if you are planning a trip to discover northern Laos, then you should not miss Nong Khiaw, the getaway to mesmerizing natural beauties, lush forest and lakes. The distance from Luang prabang to Nong Khiaw is about 200 miles, which takes some 6 -7 hours with bus. This town is divided in two by the Nam Ou River; locals live on one side of the river while on the other side are all the hostels. The landscape is spectacular, a river surrounded by impressive mountains; you can breathe a lot of tranquility.

Traveling to Laos?

Traveling to Laos may seem overwhelming at first, but with a right plan and good research on what to see and where to stay you will experience best of the best in one single holiday. Vietnamese Private Tours offers an amazing variety of Laos tour packages for families, solo travelers and more.