Yangon Luxury travel

Once called Rangoon, Yangon is the capital of Burma and still retains much of its colonial character. The gracious buildings in the downtown area and the old mansions in the diplomatic quarter are clear testament to the former British presence. In contrast to this is the magnificent Shwedagon pagoda, perhaps the most vivid demonstration of how seriously the Burmese take their Buddhist faith, with a stream of devotees bringing offerings to the various different shrines within the temple complex. No visit to Burma is complete without at least a few hours spent at the Shwedagon.

Around Yangon

If you want to venture out of the city we recommend you take a day trip to the nearby town of Twante. This involves a ferry journey across the Yangon River; travelling on local transport in Burma is always a colourful and unforgettable experience. In Twante you can visit the large pagoda and the wonderful local market before heading into the surrounding villages to see pottery makers at work and scenes of rural life and meet the local people. We also suggest walking through Htaukkyan, Yangon’s poignant World War Two cemetery on the outskirts of the city, which can be combined with a visit to the three pagodas or temples at Bago (or Pegu), where local worshippers pay homage to huge Buddha images. Bago can be visited as a day trip from Yangon or on your way further afield.

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