Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos along with Myanmar are completing anyone’s dream for a perfect holiday within Indochina peninsula. The region stretched out on over 4000 km of continental land and several outbuildings archipelagos, South East Asia is a region with beautiful landscapes that have so much to offer and through its amazing variety of cultures, landscapes, mesmerizing temples and towns and more which makes it become one of the most fascinating areas of the world to visit. After knowing the potential and possibilities of the area, Vietnamese Luxury Travel, a Hanoi based company that offers Luxury high end Indochina tour packages which expanded the usual sightseeing and turn it into something extraordinary when it comes to the art of luxury traveling in south-east of Asia.

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Unlike the element that makes Vietnamese Luxury Travel to stand better from its competitors is the unique itineraries that combined with locality and the lifestyle and their expert local trip advisers in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar who create the different routes, they all lived, worked and traveled through all the proposed destinations. This means that every trip has been created by people who have actual first-hand experience and beyond that they stay in different luxury hotels, tried restaurants, shops and anything else that an actual resident knows.

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Vietnamese Luxury Travel manages tailor-made luxury holiday tours throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. From the mountainous regions of Vietnam to the sandy far beaches of Myanmar, and family visits to adventure travel destinations with the diversity of the routes that will meet the expectations of every guest booking a vacation in South East of Asia. Many Vietnam luxury tour packages also include the time to spend among the local people, with whom undertake typical activities such as rice cultivation, fishing or just enjoy a picnic in the lush jungles in remote areas of Vietnam. All rooms can be selected by customers directly, from a list of hotels of four and five stars in each place. Following are three examples of destinations offered by Vietnamese Luxury travel:

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Laos is the least visited of all of South East Asia, but the region offers some of the most pristine environments in the world and the locals are very friendly and like a way of life by the slow pace. With a special Laos luxury travel, you can explore the beautiful Buddhist temples in Luang Prabang, get on an elephant for a walk in the jungle or watch the pink and orange sunset over the Mekong in Vientiane.

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Cambodia is known for its magnificent ruins of Angkor Wat, but there is much more to see in this exotic country. With its colonial heritage and its history, the country has plenty to offer and show, with the help of a good and well planned Cambodia luxury travel, you will discover all the great and best kept secrets of the region. Be sure to pack your bathing suit because you can not miss to visit private islands off the Sihanoukville beach. Small islands are surrounded by virgin rainforest and offer secluded white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand.

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Vietnam has that special charm that attracts travelers from around the world for its amazing natural beauty as well as its long stretches of coastlines. If your ideal vacation is to stay to soak in the sun, Nha Trang is for you; but there is the possibility to learn how to cook traditional Vietnamese food with the locals or to the rafting through the northern Vietnam, whatever your tastes, in Vietnam there are always a lot of options and variety of things to do and see. You will unpack all this beauties and explore them with only and only our designed Luxury holidays Vietnam.

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All tours are organized by highly specialized and expert licensed tour guides and each tour includes domestic flights, ground transfers, accommodation with breakfast and private sightseeing that are always specified in the description of the chosen itinerary.

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