Cambodia is a small country with big tourist attractions which make everyone to plan a holiday to enjoy its captivating and beautiful yet amazing sites, there are ancient sites such as Angkor Wat, beach and fun under sun in Sihanoukville and other smaller islands, history, museums, Royal palace and the mighty Mekong River as well as a good location next to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam that makes Cambodia an ideal holiday destination for everyone, in addition, Cambodia has been in top 10 tourist destination in 2012, here we go for → Expert Tips for Traveling to Cambodia in 2021

When to go to Cambodia?

Because of the heat and hot climate in Cambodia, the winter months from November to March are the most desirable time for traveling to Cambodia. The hottest season runs from April to May, reaching temperatures of between 30 ° and 38 ° C, plus high humidity at any time of year. The rainy season is from June to October, although I must say that in the morning does not usually rain and it offers relatively cooler temperatures of between 27 ° and 35 ° C.

when to go to cambodia

Shopping in Cambodia

Although Cambodian law requires sellers to set prices for the product they sell and for shopping if you want to get a reasonable price, you have to go through the ritual of haggling, which is usually nice and exchanging the smiles. Be patient and you will get your nice good with good price always.

shopping in cambodia

Money Matter

Cambodia Riel is the official currency and if you carry US dollars it can be exchanged at banks and or hotels, in largest cities like Phnom Penh and or Siem Reap you can pay for anything using American dollars, however, it is advised to exchange into local currency if you are traveling to less touristic destination. Euro and other major currencies could be changed only at Republican Bank and the Cambodian Mekong Bank. Most luxury hotels and resorts accept credit cards like Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc. ATM’s are also available in bigger town.

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Places to visit in Cambodia

From the glazed temples, museums, markets to the ancient and historic Angkor Wat to the serenity of the tropical beaches in Sihaniukville. Cambodia is home to ancient Khmer civilization which offers beautiful things to see and to do. → Cambodia tourist attractions

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Speak the language

In tourist centers and big cities such as capital Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville almost people could understand some basic English in order to deal with your needs, however, if you travel to other part of the Cambodia you may learn a bit of daily conversation or it is advised to travel with a guide who knows the area very well. Say hello (Suos dei) and Thanks (Akun)

speak khmer language

Eat and Drink

Cambodian restaurants offers predominantly rice with vegetables or meat cooked with a delicious curry with coconut base. In addition, they have some specialties that emerged during the French occupation and, today, have become national dishes such as amok: Fish marinated in a creamy sauce with rice. Angkor Beer and other regional beers are widely available across the country.

Do i need a visa to travel to Cambodia?

Visa is required to visit Cambodia unless you are an ASEAN resident (Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore). Visa on arrival is available for $25, you will required a passport with decent validity of 6 and more month plus 2 passport sized photo and cash in hand.

do i need a visa to visit cambodia