Danang is perhaps one of the best places in Vietnam when it comes to beach and relaxing holidays as well as lots of other sightseeing. Danang beach is recognized as one of the Vietnam’s many beautiful beach, the city of Danang attracts visitors not only for its sightseeing opportunity but for its smooth sand beaches stretched along the south-sea and the spectacular sunsets. Moreover, modern bars, sophisticated restaurants, luxurious hotels and resorts, and the friendly locals contribute to make everyone eager to book a Vietnam tours and stay for a while in this part of the country.

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It takes less than 1 hour to flight from Hanoi to Danang, also from Saigon, among the existing activities the beach offers, don’t miss out on the following:

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Wait for sunrise

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What could be better than relaxing on beach and waiting for sunrise after a long day touring the places in the town, the sun and the ocean wipe out all your weariness. The beaches are always beautiful as locals clean them every morning. People love, save, and develop their beaches substantively.

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Immerse yourself in the sea

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Danang boasts 121 beaches and My Khe beach is the most famous. Those who love lively sports always gather on danang beach for kite surfing, beach volleyball and other water sports. You don’t need to go anywhere to find game and sport equipment as suppliers can provide them to you when you book an activity. In addition, there are an array of services and activities, from massage on beach and paragliding. Friendly tour guides at Vietnamese private tours will help you pick and choose activities you’ll enjoy.

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Beach stay at luxury resorts

[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”25px”][vc_column_text]Tourism is boosting day by day and there have been newly build hotels and luxury resorts that have been added in and around the main beach in Danang. One can book and stay in luxury beach resorts with pretty much any budget. Learn more about Danang tourist attractions[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”25px”][vc_column_text]beach stay in luxury resorts in danang[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”25px”][vc_column_text]

Party by night

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Danang main beaches such as My Khe, Pham van Dong Beach, Bac My An beach are bustling from day to night. Parties on beach appeal to everyone. Listen to reggae rhythms at beach front bars and the hotels that have private beach as well. If you don’t like noisy places, then visit some tranquil corners with melodies and seafood dinner.

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Easy to travel to nearby Hoi An & Hue

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Once in Danang then you can easily make a visit to Hue and or Hoi An, both cities are among the highly recommended places to visit while in Vietnam. You may stay a few days to relax at the beaches in Danang and then travel through the spectacular Hai Van pass to visit Hoi An and then Hue. Both town are offering historic and ancient attractions, fine local cuisine and it is advised to stay at least 3 days in both places.

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